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Never Give Up

As a child I heard the grown ups say, never give up
As a grew up I tried harder to never fail, never give up
To keep trying to be better in my work, never give up
To keep trying to maintain relationships, never give up
To keep it all together when all was falling apart, never give up

Then one day I stopped.

I stopped and let time pass,
I felt the breeze in my hair,
The sweet smell of daisies,
The puppies whining huddled together,
The children running with glee,
The leaves rustling in joy,
As the dew delicately slipped from them

I stopped.

And resolved I would always be in love, never give up
I would always be joyful, never give up
I would always be grateful, never give up
I would always share and care, never give up
I would always live with all my heart, never give up
I would always dance and sing, never give up

I stopped.

I stopped to lend a helping hand to those who needed it, never gave up
I stopped to give an ear to those to needed to be heard, never gave up
I stopped to pat the pup on the roadside, never gave up
To share my meals with the hungry gleeful begging children, never gave up
To give a piggy-back ride to the lonely kid with busy parents, never gave up
To make a cuppa tea for the old lady whose children didn’t have time, never gave up

I gave up all I had. It made me stop.

To wonder then that disappointments had abandoned me, given me up
Worry had no time left for me, given me up
Anger had left for good with a huff, given me up
Sadness crept away ever so quietly, gave me up
Wants had stomped away throwing contentment my way, given me up
Strife melted away crestfallen giving rise to peace, giving up on me

I stopped.

When I gave up all, all gave up on me
Weightless as the wind and as a bird free
To live a life of joy give up all, just be
Trust in life and it will love you back you’ll see
For giving up all there is absolutely no fee
Unseen jewels appear then on a mirthful spree

author: Ruchi Phool

Ruchi left her IT career of over a decade to embark on a journey of spreading health, happiness and healing across the world. She is a yoga, laughter yoga and meditation facilitator/trainer, a naturopathy practitioner and an advanced quantum healer. Ruchi founded Aikya Yoga to bring 360 degrees wellness to all through her innovative and exciting programs. Know more about Ruchi here


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