Health and happiness are vital factors in determining our overall quality of life as well as success in all areas. Increase your energy levels, prevent diseases and help heal faster from existing ones. Become a more positive person and spread happiness wherever you go!

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Customized programs can be created to suit your needs or you can choose from these plug and play program options


Get those abs, tone up, build your strength, stamina and flexibility. Get mental calmness as an added bonus.


Take your energy ten notches up, add a glow on your face, rid your body of nasty toxins, lose some extra kilos, boost your immunity, stamina and achieve mental clarity.


Equip yourself with abundant energy, boost in confidence and smaller waistline.


One-on-one coaching program to build happiness acumen, reduce stress and build copious energy.


Remove the ailment from its root without any side effects.



Reduce stress and strengthen immunity

Prevent stress related illnesses and heal existing ailments faster.

Build a super Team

Laughter assisted workshops build teams that sizzle with energy.

Create emotional well being

Increase in positive emotions and decrease in negative emotions. Smoothen relationships and help develop balanced lifestyle.

Physical stamina, strength & flexibility

By increased lung capacity, muscular strength, flexibility and opening up movement of joints

Social connector

The quality of our life depends on the quality of our relationships with our family, friends and at our workplace. Our programs help you achieve this fine balance.

Mood elevator

Exercise, laughter and play release the feel good hormones, endorphins in your brain.

Build brain power

The brain requires 25% more oxygen to the brain than the body. Increase net supply of oxygen to the brain and body helps enhance memory, creative thinking and overall brain activity.

Know more about the role of emotional intelligence in professional success, happiness and personal achievement.