Do Yoga The Laughter Way

After the huge success of The World Laughter Day 2016 celebrations in May and several queries and requests of a similar continuous program, Aikya Yoga started its own wellness club in June of the same year.


Welcome to this most masti-bhara group of happy, healthy laughers! This is a (free) social initiative to bring people of Delhi together to workout, laugh, sing and dance with each other. So feel free to invite your friends and family to this group for a bigger, happier laugh!


Register for free here:

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Laughter yoga is …

* Great for your physical, mental and emotional health

* Suitable for everyone of all age groups and fitness levels

* It makes you a happier, fitter person with lesser chances of falling prey to stress related ailments

* Promotes productivity

* Great social connector

* Enhances inter-personal and communication skills

* Enhances creativity

* Teaches you to laugh through challenges

* Raises your physical stamina and lung power, increasing your sporting and athletic capacity

* Helps in overcoming shyness

In short, it’s great for raising your overall quality of life to the next level!

Know more about laughter yoga here