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Wonderful people. God bless them all for leading us towards our well being.
Nidhi KaurAuthor, IT Professional
Got to witness Aikya yoga's laughter yoga session at an event. It was truly wonderful to laugh out loud and get de-stressed in a laughing smiling way. Keep up the good work. Shall contact you sessions at my workplace too. Best regards.
Sumit AroraFounder, Ingeniocity
Thank god they asked me to "write" feedback,if they had  asked me to "speak" I won't even be able to mutter a single word because my jaws are no more sane from laughing with all of these merry people. We laugh,we dance,we live...It's not just a regular early morning sunday ...
TK SaurabhStudent
The session with Aikya Yoga is at the Top of my priority list always.Oodles of laughter and fun exercises transforms the tired self into a Happy Soul .Good work Ruchi !!!Keep Laughing and helping people de-stress
Nitesh Maini